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Counselling Services Wigan | Danny Hall Counselling

What I Can Help With

I am here to listen, help and talk.

Everyone is unique. We all have our own history, experiences, perceptions and emotions. It’s impossible to label us as one thing or another – we’re a collage of multiple contributing and sometimes conflicting personality traits.

There are many reasons why people seek counselling in Wigan. Life can be challenging at times, leaving us feeling isolated, alone, depressed, anxious or overwhelmed. These are all powerful emotions and it’s important that we know how to take care of our emotional health – regardless of our sex, age, or background.

I provide a range of tailored counselling services that are designed to help people self-actualise and fulfil their potential. My goal is to help you identify, understand and use your own inner strength to overcome obstacles and fulfil your potential.

My person-centred therapy appointments cover a range of different reasons for seeking a counsellor. From helping you to navigate your relationship through couples counselling to managing the loss, anxiety and fear of a bereavement, anxiety or a range of other problematic concerns you may be experiencing.

Areas I can Help With...

I work closely with my clients to resolve their personal issues. My sessions are entirely bespoke and as such, can help with a number of issues listed below.

• Abortion
• Anger management
• Anxiety
• Bereavement
• Bipolar disorder
• Cancer
• Dependent personality disorder
• Discrimination
• Drug abuse
• Family issues
• Gender dysphoria
• Infertility
• Loneliness
• Miscarriage
• Paranoid personality disorder
• Physical abuse
• Psychosis
• Redundancy
• Schizophrenia
• Self-harm
• Separation and divorce
• Sex problems
• Smoking
• Suicidal thoughts
• Work-related stress
• Abuse
• Affairs and betrayals
• Anorexia nervosa
• Attachment disorder
• Binge-eating disorder
• Borderline personality disorder
• Career counselling
• Depression
• Dissociation
• Eating disorders
• Hearing voices
• Internet addiction
• Low self-confidence
• Feeling sad
• Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
• Passive aggressive behaviour
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Relationship problems
• Schizotypal personality disorder
• Sex addiction
• Sexual abuse
• Spirituality
• Tourette’s syndrome
• Addiction(s)
• Alcoholism
• Antisocial personality disorder
• Avoidant personality disorder
• Bulimia nervosa
• Bullying
• Dementia
• Disabilities
• Domestic violence
• Emotional abuse
• Gambling
• Hoarding
• Learning difficulties
• Low self-esteem
• Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
• Personality disorders
• Postnatal depression
• Pregnancy and birth
• Schizoid personality disorder
• Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
• Sexuality
• Stress
• Trauma

What to Expect

Each of the person-centric services I offer is focused on you and your emotional well-being. Though every client I work with is different, there are several attributes to each session that you can expect.

  • An environment that makes it easy to discuss whatever you want to
  • A relationship where you won’t be judged, but respected
  • The opportunity to gain insight into how or why you’re feeling or reacting in a certain way
  • Acceptance of the things we cannot change and a clear route forward
  • Access to valuable information and resources that you may not have known about before
  • Someone to listen and help


To learn more about the full range of services I offer, or to discuss a specific reason for seeking counselling in Wigan, such as the expertise of an anxiety counsellor or talking treatment for bipolar, OCD, post-traumatic stress or personality disorders, contact me today and begin your journey.